Friday, January 2, 2015

21 World General Knowledge Table Quiz Questions

 21 world general knowledge pub quiz questions.
  1. Who coined the term "War of the Roses"? - Sir Walter Scott
  2. The world's largest monolith, Uluru is more commonly known as what? - Ayers Rock
  3. Which capital city was designed by the French architect Pierre L'Enfant in the 1790s? - Washington DC
  4. Who created the character Doctor Doolittle? Hugh Lofting
  5. How did Shakespeare's Romeo die? - Poisoning
  6. What is the longest river in Europe? - Volga
  7. Mount Kosciuszko is which country's trallest peak? - Australia
  8. Which actor built a golf course on land presented to him by the Sioux nation? - Kevin Costner
  9. A Gallup survey in Jan 2015 found that Fiji is the happiest country in the world. What is the least happy nation according to the survey? - Iraq
  10. In which city was former rugby player Ronan O'Gara born? - San Diego, California, USA
  11. Which broadcasting company was established on October 18, 1922? - BBC
  12. The Treaty of Åbo in 1743 ended Russia's war with which country? - Sweden
  13. What is the biggest country by landmass in Africa? - Algeria
  14. The world tourist attraction, the Cliffs of Moher are located in which country?  Ireland
  15. How many ghosts is Charles Dickens Scrooge visited by? - 4
  16. The Great Barrier Reef is located off the eastern coast of what Australia State? - Queensland
  17. The kwanza is the monetary unit of which African country? - Angola
  18. The Yarlung Zangbo river, in India, is more commonly known as what? - Brahmaputra
  19. Who is Brazil's President? - Dilma Rousseff
  20. The film, The Hunt for Red October was based on the novel of which writer? - Tom Clancy
  21. By what one word stage name is the American rapper born Tyrone Rivers in Atlanta, Georgia in 1986 much better known? - Pill