Friday, November 14, 2014


30 general knowledge questions suitable for pub quizzes in Ireland. Feel free to use and share.

QUESTIONS (answers below):
  1. In 2001, Irish troops vacated Camp Shamrock, ending more than two decades of peacekeeping duty in which country?
  2. The lead singer of which band wrote the opening theme tune to Channel 4 comedy series, Father Ted?
  3. Who became Northern Ireland's first Prime Minister in 1921?
  4. Tattoo, Calling Card and Wheels Within Wheels are all albums by which Irish musician?
  5. If the colour of the carpet in the Dáil Chamber is blue, what colour are the carpets in Seanad Éireann?
  6. Which horse trained by Jim Dreaper won the Irish Grand National in 1975, 1976 and 1978?
  7. Which late broadcaster and astronomer was once curator of Armagh Observatory?
  8. Who took over from Gay Byrne as Chair of the Road Safety Authority in 2014?
  9. In which decade was a proposal for the penalty kick accepted by the Football Association (FA)? The proposal was the brainchild of Armagh's William McCrum and was championed by his colleague in the FAI, Jack Reid.
  10. How many presenters of the Rose of Tralee have there been?
  11. Who from 1959 to 1977 was the first presenter of the Rose of Tralee?
  12. Mullagh, Feakle, Carron and Labasheeda are all villages in which Irish county?
  13. What was the final score in Munster's famous 1978 win over the All Blacks?
  14. Former US President Bill Clinton travelled to which Northern Irish town in 2002 to open a £3m peace centre named after him?
  15. In what year did the last outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease occur on the island of Ireland?
  16. Priest and established palaeographer, Leonard Boyle was a native of which Irish County?
  17. Name the Mayor of Limerick City who was shot at his home by disguised members of the Black and Tans in 1921.
  18. Which former Sunday Tribune editor replaced Eamon Dunphy as presenter of Today FM's The Last Word show in 2002?
  19. Born in 1957, athlete John Treacy is a native of which Irish county?
  20. In which year did George Bernard Shaw die?
  21. In Northern Ireland's Parliament at Stormont, what does MLA stand for?
  22. What is the county town of Leitrim?
  23. Who scored the equalising goal for the Republic of Ireland in their 1-1 draw with Germany in October 2014?
  24. How many times has Clare won the Liam McCarthy Cup?
  25. Who were the first winners of Liam McCarthy Cup?
  26. Irish republican and socialist leader, James Connolly was born in which city?
  27. What was the title of U2's first album?
  28. Who is the Irish Government Chief Whip (as of November 2014)?
  29. Which future Ireland and Lions rugby captain was born in Toomebridge, Co. Antrim in 1940?
  30. While Father Ted Crilly lived on Craggy Island, what island did Father Dick Byrne live on?

  1. Lebanon
  2. The Divine Comedy (lead singer Neil Hannon wrote the theme)
  3. James Craig
  4. Rory Gallagher
  5. Blue
  6. Brown Lad
  7. Sir Patrick Moore
  8. Liz O'Donnell
  9. 1890s (1891 was the exact year)
  10. 7 (Kevin Hilton, Gay Byrne, Derek Davis, Marty Whelan, Ryan Tubridy, Ray D'Arcy, Dáithí Ó Sé)
  11. Kevin Hilton
  12. Clare
  13. 12-0
  14. Enniskillen (Co Fermanagh)
  15. 2001
  16. Donegal
  17. George Clancy
  18. Matt Cooper
  19. Waterford (born in Villierstown)
  20. 1950
  21. Members of the Legislative Assembly
  22. Carrick-on-Shannon
  23. John O'Shea
  24. 3 (Clare have won 4 All Ieland titles. However, the 1914 win was before the Liam McCarthy Cup's introduction)
  25. Limerick (1921)
  26. Edinburgh
  27. Boy
  28. Paul Kehoe
  29. Willie John McBride
  30. Rugged Island