Wednesday, November 19, 2014

20 Irish, General Knowledge and Current Affairs Table Quiz Questions (Nov 2014)

20 Irish, General Knowledge and Current Affairs Table Quiz Questions.
  1. Who replaced Enrico Letta to become the 56th Prime Minister of Italy?
  2. What is the capital of Crimea?
  3. Which Irish jockey turned trainer died aged 71 in November 2014?
  4. What do the initials FIFA stand for?
  5. What is the name of the craft that was deployed from the Rosetta spacecraft to land on Comet 67P (Churyumov-Gerasimenko) in November 2014?
  6. What did the Oxford English Dictionaries choose as their word of the year for 2014?
  7. Which Spanish club appointed David Moyes as their first team manager in November 2014?
  8. What is the third longest river in India after the Indus and Brahmaputra?
  9. Which Biblical city means “Gateway of God”?
  10. Abbeylara is located in which Irish county?
  11. “NHK” is the national broadcasting organisation of which country?
  12. Which country is surrounded by Argentina to the west, Brazil to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the East?
  13. Who replaced Alex Salmond as leader of the Scottish National Party in 2014?
  14. Name the woman who was elected as Brazil's President in October 2014?
  15. In space terms, what do the initials ESA stand for?
  16. Name the Irish footballer who was shortlisted for the FIFA Goal of the Year 2014?
  17. How many 'smooth stones' did David pick up when preparing to fight Goliath?
  18. Name the five members of the Irish delegation that signed the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty?
  19. As of November 2014, who is President of Ukraine?
  20. What is the highest mountain in Australia?

  1. Matteo Renzi
  2. Simferopol
  3. Dessie Hughes
  4. Fédération Internationale de Football Association
  5. Philae
  6. Vape
  7. Real Sociedad
  8. Ganges
  9. Babylon
  10. Longford
  11. Japan
  12. Uruguay
  13. Nicola Sturgeon
  14. Dilma Rousseff
  15. European Space Agency
  16. Stephanie Roche
  17. 5
  18. Robert Barton, Michael Collins, Arthur Griffiths, Eamonn Duggan, George Gavan Duffy
  19. Petro Poroshenko
  20. Mount Kosciuszko