Monday, November 3, 2014

15 Irish And World General Knowledge Questions (Nov 14)

15 general knowledge questions asked at an Irish table quiz.
1.    As of November 2014, which British Conservative politician born 1 October 1956 is the UK Home Secretary?
2.    What River flows under Dublin Castle?
3.    Who wrote Gulliver's Travels?
4.    Sargodha, Gujrat and Rawalpindi are all cities in which Pakistan province?
5.    Who succeeded John Bruton as Irish Taoiseach?
6.    Which musician, who played who drums for The Who? Died in 1978?
7.    Who was the second person to break the four minute mile?
8.    Longs Peak, Mount Evans, Pikes Peak, and the Spanish Peaks are all notable peaks in which mountain range?
9.    A Drop of the Hard Stuff was a 1967 album for which Irish band?
10.    The Murray River is the longest river in which country?
11.    By what name is the Icelandic national parliament known?
12.    In what year did Boyzone pop band member Stephen Gately die?
13.    What is the capital of Burkina Faso?
14.    A trudgen is a term associated with which sport?
15.    Which Oldham born presenter of ‘The Cube’ made his tv debut in New Zealand?

1.    Theresa May
2.    River Poddle
3.    Jonathan Swift
4.    Punjab
5.    Bertie Ahern
6.    Keith Moon
7.    John Landy of Australia accomplished the feat 46 days after Roger Bannister did.
8.    The Rockies
9.    The Dubliners
10.    Australia
11.    Alþingi (also accept the anglicised Althing or Althingi)
12.    2009
13.    Ouagadougou
14.    Swimming
15.    Phillip Schofield