Saturday, November 1, 2014

15 Irish and World General Knowledge Questions

15 general knowledge questions asked at an Irish table quiz.

1.    In what year was the Great San Francisco Earthquake?
2.    Which internet giant is based at Menlo, California, USA?
3.    Alopecia is the medical term for what?
4.    Name the Irish woman who was married to Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.
5.    In which country was Mila Kunis born?
6.    What does the abbreviation, VSOP stand for?
7.    What is Pope Benedict XVI's birth name? Please include his surname.
8.    Who was the only US President to be survive being shot while serving in office?
9.    As of late 2014, who has won most FA Cup titles?
10.    In 1913, a suffragette famously threw herself under the King's horse during the Grand National. What was her name?
11.    The first official Aintree Grand National was held in which year?
12.  In Ireland, as of November 2014, who is the Minister of State at the Departments of the Taoiseach and Foreign Affairs with Special Responsibility for European Affairs and Data Protection?
13.    Who wrote Gone Girl?
14.    What is the third longest river in the world (1st is Nile, 2nd is Amazon)?
15.    The children's character Hello Kitty celebrated what anniversary in November 2014?

1.    1906
2.    Facebook
3.    Hair loss or baldness
4.    Kathleen McNamara
5.    Ukraine
6.    Very superior old pale or Very special old pale (both acceptable)
7.    Joseph Ratzinger
8.    Ronald Reagan
9.    Manchester United
10.    Emily Davison
11.    1839
12.    Dara Murphy
13.    Gillian Flynn
14.    Yangtze
15.    40 years