Sunday, November 9, 2014

10 Irish Table Quiz Questions (Nov 2014)

10 pub question questions asked in table questions around Ireland.

  1. Who is Minister for Education in the Republic of Ireland?
  2. What is the third smallest county in all of Ireland (smallest after Louth and Carlow)?
  3. Which Irish public figure released an autobiography entitled 'Full On' in 2014?
  4. How many times do the bells toll in the Angelus, as broadcast on RTE One at 6pm each evening?
  5. Who succeeded Sean Baptist Brady as Primate of All Ireland in 2014?
  6. How many Senators are in the Irish Seanad?
  7. As of November 2014, which Clare man is the President of the Irish National Teachers Organisation (INTO)?
  8. Who took over from Gay Byrne as Chair of the Road Safety Authority in 2014?
  9. Who won the 2014 Rose of Tralee?
  10. Performing the song 'Heartbeat', who represented Ireland in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest?

  1. Jan O'Sullivan
  2. Dublin
  3. Ivan Yates
  4. 18
  5. Eamon Martin
  6. 60
  7. Sean McMahon
  8. Liz O'Donnell
  9. Maria Walsh
  10. Can-Linn