Wednesday, November 26, 2014

10 Irish and World Current Affairs Questions (Nov 2014)

  1. Name the Australian cricket batsman seriously injured during a Sheffield Shield match at the SCG in November. The cricketer later died from his injuries?
  2. Who is Ireland's new Garda Commissioner?
  3. Name the Missouri town where the controversial shooting of Michael Brown took place in August 2014?
  4. Who was awarded the 2014 Stuttgart Peace Prize?
  5. What was manufactured for the first time ever in space in November 2014 onboard the International Space Station?
  6. Name the British soldier who was murdered in Woolwich, London, in May 2013?
  7. Who is Ireland's Minister of State with responsibility for Rural Affairs?
  8. The working-class Mong Kok neighbourhood has been the scene of protests in which city?
  9. Which band will headline the Slane festival in Ireland in 2015?
  10. One of Britain's most notorious gangsters died in hospital at the age of 90 this month. What is his name?

  1. Phillip Hughes
  2. Noirin O'Sullivan
  3. Ferguson
  4. Edward Snowden
  5. 3D Printed object
  6. Lee Rigby
  7. Ann Phelan
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Foo Fighters
  10. "Mad" Frankie Fraser