Wednesday, August 6, 2014

30 Irish and General Knowledge Table Quiz Questions

The following questions have all been asked at Irish table quizzes. Please feel free to reuse and share.

1.    Used in forensic investigations, what was invented in 1921 by John Augustus Larson, a Police Officer from Berkeley, California?
2.    What is the highest mountain in Canada?
3.    In which year was the Aintree Grand National officially run for the first time?
4.    Which actor born 10 July 1977 played Solomon Northup in the 2013 movie '12 Years a Slave'?
5.    Irish War of Independence here Michael Collins was a native of which county?
6.    Which African country joined the United Nations on 14 July 2011?
7.    Anthony Charles Lynton are the Christian names of which former British Prime Minister?
8.    Chorophobia is the irrational fear of what?
9.    What was invented in 1890 by Harold P. Brown and Arthur Kennelly, both employees of Thomas Edison?
10.    Name the only Irish cyclist to have won the Tour de France?
11.    What is the capital of Montenegro?
12.    The River Shannon is the longest river in Ireland. What is the second longest?
13.    What is commonly regarded as the shortest river in Ireland?
14.    In what year did Roger Bannister break the world mile record and the four-minute barrier at Iffley Road Track in Oxford?
15.    In 1865, six Confederate veterans, meeting in Pulaski, Tennessee, formed which secret society?
16.    What date is Mahatma Gandhi's birthday and is also a National Holiday in India?
17.    Zinedine Zedane was sent off during the FIFA World Cup Final for headbutting which player?
18.    Which famous figure was born as Marie Grosholtz in 1761 in Strasbourg, France?
19.    What animal derives its name for the Latin for 'Little Thief?
20.    Pushtu is the main language in which country?
21.    Which country won the 1938 FIFA World Cup?
22.    What are the Chinook and the Sirocco?
23.    What is Pakistan's currency?
24.    Constance Georgine Markievicz, the early 20th century Irish Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil politician, achieved which first in politics in 1918?
25.    What does the 'S' represent in United States Army general George S. Patton Jr's name?
26.    Name the Anglo-Saxon King killed at the Battle of Hastings in 1066
27.    Who did Beatle Sir Paul McCartney marry in 2011?
28.    In motoring terms, what does India, Tonga, Malta and Tanzania have in common?
29.    Which capital city lies on the Potomac River?
30.    In the 1970's East Pakistan became known as which modern day country?

1.    Polygraph (lie-detector)
2.    Mount Logan
3.    1839
4.    Chiwetel Ejiofor
5.    Cork
6.    South Sudan
7.    Tony Blair
8.    Dance
9.    Electric Chair
10.    Stephen Roche
11.    Podgorica
12.    River Barrow
13.    The River Corrib which flows from Lough Corrib through Galway to Galway Bay. The river is among the shortest in Europe, with only a length of six kilometres from the lough to the Atlantic.
14.    1954
15.    Ku Klux Klan
16.    2 October
17.    Marco Materazzi
18.    Marie 'Madame' Tussauds
19.    Ferret (furittus)
20.    Afghanistan
21.    Italy (beat Hungary 4-2 in the final)
22.    Winds
23.    Pakistani Rupee
24.    She became the first woman elected to the British House of Commons
25.    Smith
26.    King Harold II
27.    Nancy Shevell
28.    Cars drive on the left side of the road
29.    Washington D.C.
30.    Bangladesh