Monday, February 17, 2014

20 General Knowledge Questions (Feb 2014)

1. How many holes are there in a ten pin bowling ball? 3
2.    Plymouth is a city in which English county? - Devon
3.    Which film director born on February 23, 1889 directed the 1939 movies 'The Wizard of Oz' and 'Gone with the Wind'? - Victor Fleming
4.    What is Hillary Clinton's middle name? – Rodham
5.    Cats were once sacred animals in what ancient culture? Egyptian
6.    What was the name of the rescue ship that picked up Titanic survivors following the disaster? – Carpathia
7.    What Zodiac sign is represented by the water carrier? – Aquarius
8.    How many events are there in a decathlon? – Ten
9.    What do Sumo wrestlers throw in the ring before a bout? – Salt
10.    Where in Russia was this year's Winter Olympics held? – Sochi
11.    Harry Styles is a member of which boyband? – One Direction
12.    Whom did Democrat Bill Clinton defeat in the 1996 US Presidential Election? - Bob Dole
13.    Which story begins: "All children except one grow up"? - Peter Pan
14.    What do you call the young of a Leopard? – Cub
15.    Name the woman who won gold for Britian in the Skeleton event at this year's Winter Olympics. - Lizzy Yarnold
16.    What is the codename given to the UK investigation into allegations of sex crimes against the late DJ and presenter, Jimmy Saville? - Operation Yewtree
17.    In Star Wars, what species is Chewbacca? – Wookie
18.    What did Thomas Crapper invent? - The modern flushing toilet
19.    Which John Grisham novel was turned into a movie starring Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts? - The Pelican Brief
20.    Which two seas are joined by the Suez Canal? - Mediterranean & Red Seas