Tuesday, June 11, 2013

21 Irish Table Quiz Questions

Questions asked at Irish table quizzes.

  1. Who founded the Sisters of Mercy? - Catherine Elizabeth McAuley
  2. What is Happy Christmas in Irish (as Gaeilge)?  - Nollaig Shona
  3. In what year does Aer Lingus celebrate 80 years of flying? - 2016
  4. What is the second longest river in Ireland? - River Barrow
  5. On what date is Bloomsday? - June 16th
  6. In which Irish County would you find the villages of Delvin, Streamstown and Ballynacargy? - Co. Westmeath
  7.  Who in 1988 succeeded Tom├ís Mac Giolla as president of the Workers' Party? - Proinsias de Rossa 
  8. Which Irish boxer was known as the Pocket Rocket? - Wayne McCullough
  9. 'In Blue' and 'Talk on Corners' are albums by which Irish group? - The Corrs
  10. Which Prime Minister introduced the first Irish Home Rule Bill in 1886? - William Gladstone
  11. At which hill in Dublin is Met Eireann's headquarters facility located? - Glasnevin Hill (Dublin 9)
  12. Who won the All-Ireland club hurling Championship in 2013? - St Thomas
  13. In which sport has Wendy Houvenagel represented Northern Ireland?  - Cycling
  14. What is the stage name of singer Barry Moore? - Luka Bloom (brother of Christy Moore)
  15. As of June 2013, who is Ireland's European Affairs Minister? - Lucinda Creighton
  16. Which Tyrone chef created the Irish coffee at Foynes in 1943? - Joe Sheridan
  17.  In what year did Hurricane Charley affect Ireland? - 1986
  18. Which Irish newspaper is located at 80 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2? - The Sunday Business Post
  19. In what year was the Treaty of Limerick signed? - 1691
  20. In what county was Douglas Hyde born? - Roscommon
  21. Dylan Thomas and Sir Harry Lewis both won what Irish sporting prize? - The Irish Derby (they are horses)