Saturday, June 1, 2013


  1. What is Pakistan's currency? - Rupee
  2. What is the County town of Down in ireland? - Downpatrick
  3. What is term used to describe a collection of otters? - A Colony
  4. In Star Wars, what species is Chewbacca? - Wookie
  5. Leather can made from the skin of which bird? - Ostrich or Emu
  6. What is the highest peak in County Clare? - Moylussa in the Slieve Bernagh Range
  7. What is the capital of Brunei? - Seri Begawan
  8. Who did Mark Hughes replace as Stoke City FC manager in May 2013? - Tony Pulis
  9. Is Venezuela north or south of the Equator? - North
  10. Where can you find the largest seaport in Italy? - Genoa
  11. Who born in c. 940AD was  the youngest of two sons of Cennedig, head of Dal Cais? - Brian Ború
  12. Who captained the British and Irish Lions in their opening game of 2013 against the Barbarians in Hong Kong on June 1? - Paul O'Connell (Ireland and Munster).
  13. At what address does TV's Simpsons family reside at? - 742 Evergreen Terrace
  14. What was the second last state to be admitted to the United States? - Alaska
  15. Whom did Democrat Bill Clinton defeat in the 1996 US Presidential Election? - Bob Dole
  16. What colour is a polar bear's skin when it is born? - Black
  17. Who replaced Roisin Shortall as Irish Junior Health Minister in 2012? - Alex White
  18.  What do Sumo wrestlers throw in the ring before a bout? - Salt
  19. Which former leader of an Empire was born Temujin in C. 1162 AD? - Genghis Khan
  20. Who preceded Brian Cowen as Irish Tánaiste? - Michael McDowell
  21. Whose album called The Promise featured previously unreleased tracks from a 1977-’78 recording session including long-missed studio versions of such live standards as “Because the Night" and  “Fire"? - Bruce Springsteen