Thursday, May 30, 2013

10 Irish Table Quiz Questions

  1. In what year was the Irish Free State formally declared a republic after it left the British Commonwealth? - 1949
  2. Niall Breslin is the lead singer with which Irish band? - The Blizzards
  3. In May 2013, what name was given to the Croke Park 2 Agreement? - Haddington Road Agreement
  4. What is the county town of Tyrone? - Omagh
  5. In what year did the Abbey Theatre in Dublin open? - 1904
  6. Which Motorway connects Lucan with Mullingar? - M4
  7. What is the highest peak in County Clare? - Moylussa
  8. Which League of Ireland soccer club plays its home games at The Showgrounds? - Sligo Rovers
  9. As of mid-2013, who is the Director of Corporate Enforcement? - Ian Drennan
  10. In what year was The Catholic Relief Act legislation guided through both houses of Parliament? - 1829