Saturday, April 20, 2013



  1. How did Vincent Van Gogh sign his paintings? - Vincent
  2. What did Sir Christopher Cockerell invent? Hovercraft 
  3. In Bingo, what number is referred to as ‘Doctor’s Orders’? - 9
  4. What is the Mexican food Gazpacho? - Cold soup
  5. How many toes does a dog have? - 18
  6. What canal is located behind Croke Park's Canal End? - Royal Canal
  7. Which Beatle's first girlfriend was Thelma Pickles? - John Lennon 
  8. What is the capitol city of Libya? - Tripoli
  9. Name the stock-market trader who sent Barings Bank into bankruptcy. - Nick Leeson
  10. Name the French blue cheese made from ewe's milk - Roquefort 
  11. What was the first phrase recorded by Thomas Edison on his phonograph? - Mary had a little lamb
  12. Who trained the 2013 Aintree Grand National winner Auroras Encore? - Sue Smith
  13. What life-saving device did Sir Humphry Davy invent? - Miner's safety lamp, the Davy Lamp
  14. Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson lost his right arm during which battle? - Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  15. Who would use a trudgeon? - A swimmer
  16. Which soup is a delicacy in Chinese cuisine made from the salivary excretions of the swiftlet? -  Bird’s Nest Soup
  17. Which geographical area is part of both Chile and Argentina? - Tierra del Fuego
  18. Name the two main ingredients of pasta. - flour and water
  19. Who wrote the poem beginning with the words "Because I could not stop for death..." - Emily Dickinson
  20. Who said, "The medium is the message"? - Marshall McLuhan
  21. Patrick Viera received 8 red cards in his English Premier League career. This puts him in joint-first in the list of red cards with which Irish player? - Richard Dunne
  22. Which American comedian and social activist unsuccessfully ran for President of the United States in 1968 as a write-in candidate of the Freedom and Peace Party? - Dick Gregory
  23. In what year was the All Ireland Football Championship first held in Jones' Road (now Croke Park)? - 1895 
  24. What did Thomas Crapper invent? - The modern flushing toilet
  25. Who invented a system of shorthand based on sounds, not letters? - Sir Isaac Pitman
  26. Which John Grisham novel was turned into a movie starring Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts? - The Pelican Brief
  27. The pot-bellied pig is a breed of domesticated pig originating in which Asian country? - Vietnam
  28. Name the four main human blood groups. - A, B, AB and O
  29. What is the second smallest county in Ireland? - Carlow
  30. Which 16th Century astronomer first proposed the theory that the planets go around the sun rather than the earth? - Copernicus
  31. What is the minimum age one must be to contest the Irish Presidential election? - 35
  32. What was the name of the rescue ship that picked up Titanic survivors following the disaster? - Carpathia
  33. What is the County town of County Kerry? - Tralee 
  34. The Book of Kells was written in what language? - Latin
  35. The 2013 Pulitzer Prize for fiction was won by author Adam Johnson for his novel based in North Korea. What is the name of the novel? - The Orphan Master's Son 
  36. The mineral galena [pr. "gal-ee-na"] is the chief source of which metal? - Lead
  37. Which two seas are joined by the Suez Canal? - Mediterranean & Red Seas
  38. As of April 2013, who is the Head of the IMF's Mission to Ireland? - Craig Beaumont
  39. How many people are needed for a three-legged race? - Four
  40. Who wrote the books Holes, Monkey Soup and Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes? - Louis Sachar
  41. What is the largest women's organization in the world? - YWCA
  42. Who wrote the Twilight series of novels? - Stephenie Meyer
  43. The Dewey Decimal system is used to categorise what? - Books
  44. What is the name of Popeye’s son? - Swee’Pea
  45. Who wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame? - Victor Hugo
  46. Termonfeckin is a village in which Irish county? - Louth
  47. What is the plural of Mongoose? - Mongooses
  48. Name the craft of knotting threads to create decorative yet useful objects. - Macrame
  49. The Cork village of Clonakilty unveiled a statue to what animal in April 2013? - Monkey
  50.  What is the average temperature of the human body, in degrees centigrade? - 37
  51. Name the type of footwear invented in 1815, which enables the wearer to move very quickly over smooth, flat ground. - Roller skates
  52. What was the very first women's magazine called? - The Ladies Mercury
  53. In what year was the Battle of Clontarf? - 1014
  54. Following a 2012 decision at the European Parliament, March 24th 2013 became the first European day of what very popular dessert food? A> Ice-cream
  55. What is the codename given to the UK investigation into allegations of sex crimes against the late DJ and presenter, Jimmy Saville? - Operation Yewtree
  56. The basket under a hot-air balloon is officially known as what? - A gondola
  57. The USA has the largest rail network in the world. What country has the second largest rail network? - Russia. India is third. Ireland is 73rd 
  58. In which year was the ESB founded? - 1927
  59. Which story begins: "All children except one grow up"? - Peter Pan
  60. What name is given to the regions of the US where religious fundamentalism is dominant? - The Bible Belt
  61. When was Margaret Thatcher first elected Prime Minister? - 1979 
  62. Which Irish historian was refused a visa to travel to the US in late 2012 and thus had to cancel a tour promoting his new book The Famine Plot? - Tim Pat Coogan 
  63. Astigmatism is a condition affecting which part of the body? - The eye
  64. A traditional Scottish dessert, in modern times it is usually made from a mixture of whipped cream, whisky, honey and fresh raspberries with toasted oatmeal. What is it called? - Cranachan
  65. What is the largest city in the Sierra Madre mountains? - Mexico City
  66. Which famous cookware manufacturer has been based in the city of Fresnoy-le-Grand, France, since 1925? - Le Creuset
  67. Who wrote the novel, The Mystery of Mercy Close, published in April 2013? - Marian Keyes
  68. What is the easternmost country in the European Union? - Cyprus
  69. What dog is named after a Mexican State? The Chihuaha
  70. In what year did the first hosting of the Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest, take place? - 1897
  71. What is the capital of The Bahamas? - Nassau
  72. What is the name of wat- er that collects in the bottom of a boat? Bilge water
  73. Who was the last British monarch to be divorced while still on the throne? - Henry 8th
  74. If it is 12 midday in Dublin, what time is it in Tokyo? - 9 p.m.
  75. Which country reaches further North: Finland or Norway? - Norway
  76. Which is the southern-most state of the United States of America? - Hawaii
  77. Almost one quarter of all chess matches begin with the moves e4 c5. This is the opening move of a defense, named after which Mediterranean island? - Sicily
  78. What was the first country to win the World Cup twice? - Italy
  79. How many sides has a heptagon? - 7
  80. Name one of the two tiles with the highest score in Scrabble? - Q or Z
  81. In 2007 Portsmouth and Reading set the record for the game with the most goals in the FA Premier League. How many goals were scored in total? - 11 (7-4)
  82. By what name is Paul Francis Gadd better known? - Gary Glitter
  83. Etymology is the study of what? - words, or origin of words
  84. What is the name of the police officer in Top Cat? - Officer Dibble
  85. Which three-digit number refers to the NOT FOUND error message indicating that a HTTP server cannot find the requested item? - 404
  86. How many digits in a Visa Card number? - 16
  87. Jessica Capshaw plays Arizona Robbins in Grey’s Anatomy - who is her famous stepdad? - Steven Spielberg
  88. What is the name of the Italian region, the capital of which shares its name with the Italian name for an item on the flag of Mexico? - Abruzzo
  89. Which French philosopher said, "I think, therefore I am"? - Rene Descartes
  90. Which Kerry placename means "height of the graves"? - Ardfert
  91. Which famous American singer got a Best Supporting Actor Nomination for the movie From Here to Eternity? - Frank Sinatra
  92. What is Hillary Clinton's middle name? - Rodham
  93. John F. Kennedy's widow married which shipping tycoon? - Aristotle Onassis
  94. Which player has the record for the most goals at a single soccer World Cup finals? - Juste Fontaine (France)
  95. In the song "The 12 Days of Xmas", what did my true love send to me on the 9th day? - nine ladies dancing
  96. As of April 2013, how many All-Ireland senior championship medals does Kilkenny's Henry Shefflin have? - Nine
  97. Which early President of the United States, as well as writing most of the Declaration of Independence, also invented the swivel chair? - Thomas Jefferson
  98. What angle is formed by the hands of a clock at 4 o'clock? - 120 degrees
  99. In the song "Here Comes Santa Claus", on what thoroughfare is Santa traveling? - Santa Claus Lane
  100. What word links the “Wizard of Oz” with the top goal-scorer in the 1990 World Cup finals? - Toto (Schillaci)
  101. Where are Pikeur cigars made? - Holland