Thursday, August 2, 2012

Entertainment - Literature 2

  1. About which otter did Henry Williamson write a 1927 novel?
  2. Who is the wizard in The Hobbit?
  3. Who wrote the Booker Prize winning novel The Life of Pi?
  4. In which fictional county did Anthony Trollope set a series of novels?
  5. Published in 1900 and about a cycling tour in Germany, what was the sequel to Three Men in a Boat?
  6. Which British prime minister was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?
  7. Who wrote the Flashman series of novels?
  8. In which famous novel is Grimpen Mire to be found?
  9. Which character in Shakespeare was Prince of Tyre?
  10. Who wrote The Day of the Jackal about an attempted assassination of Charles de Gaulle? 

    (ANSWERS - Literature 2 Questions)
    1. Tarka
    2. Gandalf
    3. Yann Martel
    4. Barsetshire
    5. Three Men on the Bummel
    6. Sir Winston Churchill
    7. George MacDonald Fraser
    8. The Hound of the Baskervilles
    9. Pericles
    10. Frederick Forsyth