Thursday, August 2, 2012

Entertainment - Literature 1

  1. What Dan Brown book was published in 2009?
  2. Which of Shakespeare’s plays is the only one to be set in Vienna and concerns the city’s Duke adopting a disguise in order to observe the actions of his subjects, including his deputy Angelo?
  3. Who wrote Captain Corelli's Mandolin?
  4. Which literary character has a landlady named Mrs Hudson?
  5. What everyday concept did Iris Murdoch describe as “… the extremely difficult realisation that something other than oneself is real”?
  6. Who was the first Irishman to receive a Nobel prize?
  7. Who taught children to fly using "lovely thoughts" and fairy dust?
  8. Whose treasure was buried in Treasure Island?
  9. Which epic poem by Homer is set in the Trojan War?
  10. Which 1851 novel was first published in Britain under the title The Whale?
(ANSWERS - Literature 1 Questions)
  1. The Lost Symbol
  2. Measure for Measure
  3. Louis de Bernières
  4. Sherlock Holmes
  5. Love [in the essay: 'The Sublime and the Good', 1959]
  6. WB Yeats in 1923
  7. Peter Pan
  8. Captain Flint's
  9. The Iliad
  10. Moby Dick