Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sport - Irish 1

  1. As of 2012, how many Triple Crowns have Ireland won?
  2. Who managed the Republic of Ireland national soccer team from 1986 to 1995?
  3. The GAA stadium McHale Park can be found in which Irish town?
  4. The first Irish Derby Took place at Curragh Racecourse in what year?
  5. The Irish Greyhound Derby, the richest greyhound competition in the world, is run annually at which venue?
  6. What soccer club was founded in 1979 and played in the League of Ireland from 1985 to 2012?
  7. Who are the only set of brothers from County Clare to win Hurling All Stars?
  8. Who replaced Tony McGahan as Munster Rugby Head Coach in May 2012?
  9. In which county would you find Gowran Park racecourse?
  10. Name the only Irish cyclist to have won the Tour de France?
ANSWERS- (Sport - Irish 1)
  1. 10
  2. Jack Charlton
  3. Castlebar (the largest stadium in Connacht)
  4. 1866
  5. Shelbourne Park, Dublin
  6. Monaghan United
  7. Brian and Frank Lohan
  8. Rob Penney
  9. Kilkenny
  10. Stephen Roche